Duct Sealing

What are the benefits to sealing my air ducts?

Air Sealing is among the least understood options for your overall home HVAC efficiency. This is another effective way to protect your investment in your HVAC unit, as well as protect your air ducts and improve indoor air quality. Ultimately, this will lead you to a cleaner, less polluted home.

With our Air Sealing service, we will seal your air ducts from the inside, keeping any insects, harmful gases, and pollutants from entering your home

There are many benefits, far beyond what is offered with a simple duct cleaning. Sealing your air ducts adds to the overall efficiency and environmental impact of your home. In addition, your direct benefits will include:

  • Comfort ­- The air ducts no longer will have air leaks, so they can more efficiently cool rooms across your home. This means, there is a lower likelihood of experiencing rooms too hot in the Summer or too cold in the Winter.
  • Air Quality ­- Less contaminants will be able to get into your home, meaning your air ducts will be further protected from dust build­up and pollutants in your home. Imagine a home with less airborne allergens in your future!
  • Safety -­ When using equipment such as furnaces and dryers, combustion gases (carbon monoxide) are released and are intended to vent from the home ­­ not into your living space. Sealing ducts prevents any backdrafting into your home, keeping unsafe gases out of your living areas.
  • Financial -­ A leaky duct can reduce system efficiency by as much as 20 percent. Sealing your air ducts will make your heating and cooling system more efficient, and can reduce costs in your overall energy expenditures.

As Professional Energy Auditors, we can assess your need for duct sealing, and provide you a full report of the efficiency of your home. Stop losing air and gaining toxins ­­ breathe clean and call us at (832) 626-4864